About Me

I majored in art in high school and took several art courses in college, including some in Europe and New York. I have been a member of an artists' guild and sold my pieces online and at several venues, including the New York State Fair.

In 2010, I won an award from Rare Artists.

I currently have a demanding job and medical issues that limit my artistic pursuits. Every day, I dream about retiring and having more time to "do art stuff".

Artistic Interests

I was born with a serious medical condition. As a child, I had to sit extremely still for hours on end while dealing with treatments, including keeping my head and body motionless. Two things kept me occupied mentally--reading and drawing. I developed ways to draw without moving my body very much, pointillism with India ink being one of the easiest ways to do that.

When I was in college, my professors kept telling me to make my pieces larger, draw standing up and check perspective by backing away from the piece. This was the opposite of my habitual way to work! I still have to tell myself to do those things, as they don't quite come naturally to me, even now.

My ink drawings typically use a technique known as mottling or pointillism. I use 6 different nib sizes and many different colors to achieve an interesting texture. The technique is very tedious and requires lots of time and patience.  I need to take breaks periodically to rest my eyes and hands, as it is very taxing.
As a result, I have taken on embroidery and knitting--two things that allow me to cope with pain and discomfort, and sit extremely still.

I also enjoy pastel painting and designing badass clothes and shoes I am going to make someday.

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