Acrylic Pour Attempt #1

Weeellllll...This definitely did not come out the way I wanted it to. I wanted big cells. I got big cells while I was mixing the paint, but they disappeared as it dried. I re-read the directions (I mean, re-watched the instructional video) and noticed that I did not use the right type of silicone.

I bought some dimethicone and will try again.

I like this piece anyway. :)

"Looming" is not a verb

I about to be blunt. Feel free to scroll on by if you don't want to hear a strong opinion.

 The term for using a board with pegs to knit is called knitting.

The equipment for non-needle techniques is called knitting board or knitting loom. The correct verb for the use of this tool is knitting.

 I keep hearing people calling it "looming".

First, looming is not a verb in the dictionary.

Secondly, they are knitting, not doing a different activity than knitting. This irks me because:

(a) You should know the name of your hobby.

(b) Surely, you can agree that using a non-verb as a verb, instead of the correct, actual verb, when there has been an actual word for it for hundreds of years is again, very strange.

(c) It feeds into this whole ridiculous subculture of people who prefer the different equipment to be better than The Others. Don't believe me? Then why are there articles asking if using a knitting board is cheating?

My favorite quote from that article:
Looming and knitting are different, aren’t they?No.  It’s all knitting.  Looms are the tool, just as needles are the tool used.  No matter what the tool used, it’s still knitting.  People who use needles don’t call it needling…  Just saying…

Pastel painting--abstract Phoenix mountains

Here is a piece I did to see what mixing acrylics and pastels would look like in a landscape painting. This is the mountains that circle Phoenix, Arizona, interpreted geometrically. I was able to get some interesting textures in the foreground by mixing the two mediums.

Mesh Yarmulke Kippah Pattern